New here?

First and foremost we are Christians. Christians are people who, by God’s grace, have turned to trust in Jesus Christ as both Lord and Saviour.

We are a typical group of people who in many ways have nothing particularly ‘special’ about us. At times we rejoice and at other times we hurt or are disappointed. We struggle with many of life’s difficult issues just like others around us. However, there is one thing that sets us apart –as Christians, we all share the most profound experience imaginable –God has forgiven us of our wrong doings on the basis of Jesus’ death on the cross, in our place, two thousand years ago!

This forgiveness enables us to lead a new life in Christ and has established us as part of God’s family, now and into eternity. Extraordinary! All we do when we meet as a church grows out of this reality. It is truly life changing. It is a message we long to share.

We meet together as the church to relate with God and with one another. We listen to God as the Bible is read, explained and applied. We talk to God in prayer. We lovingly encourage one another to respond to God in faithful obedience. We also meet in small groups throughout the week, and seek to express God’s love in practical ways.

We are committed to Christ’s mission of making disciples of all nations. We believe this happens through the prayerful preaching of the gospel (about Jesus) in the context of loving personal relationships.

We are a vibrant, growing and welcoming church whose desire is to focus on the life changing message of Jesus from the Bible. We are committed to helping one another integrate quickly into our church family, so why not join us at Church by the Tracks?

If you want to know more, or have a question please get in contact